Who Is Eligible to become an ESG Fiduciary:

Investment Adviser Representatives (IARs) only, who work for a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) firm.

To Apply, advisers must:

  • Provide a copy of their signed and notarized ESG Fiduciary pledge to all new clients.

  • Pay an annual license and application fee of $250. (Please contact us for firm-wide pricing discounts.)

  • Adhere to the ESG Fiduciary™ Investing Criteria and the United Nations Global Compact principles when making investment decisions.

  • Have 50% or more of assets under management (AUM) in ESG investments.

  • Provide a detailed description of the types of ESG strategies primarily used in client’s investment portfolios. Advisers may use negative screens, positive screens, best-in-class criteria, impact investing, religious criteria, and shareholder activism. Thoughtful care should be given to the issues listed in the United Nations Global Compact, however, advisers and clients are free to invest according to their values and emphasize or weight those issues that represent their most vital concerns.

  • Submit the most recent copy of adviser’s Form ADV.

  • Utilized all reasonable opportunities to promote ESG protocols.

  • Act at all times in an ethical manner consistent with the good name and standards of the Institute and in accord with the terms and intent of the Pledge.

  • Have an ESG mission or vision statement for their advisory practice that is publicly available on the adviser’s website or marketing materials.

  • Complete the ESG Fiduciary education requirement: Applicants must demonstrate an understanding of, and basic competency in, socially responsible investing. This competency can be demonstrated by any one of the following methods:

  1. Completing the 3-hour US SIF Foundation course, Fundamentals of Sustainable and Impact Investment,

  2. Complete the PRI Academy course, Foundations in RI.

  3. Complete the PRI Academy course, Advanced RI Analysis.

  4. Obtain the Chartered SRI Counselor designation.

  5. Demonstrate a history of professional experience and competency in sustainable investing through publications, work experience, and/or alternative licensures to be evaluated by the Institute’s sole discretion.


  • The ESG Fiduciary™ designation grants the right to use the licensed mark in promoting adviser’s financial advisory and consultancy services.

  • Advisers may use of the licensed mark on their marketing materials and website.


The ESG Fiduciary Institute may revoke or terminate an adviser’s licenses upon 30 days written notice for:

  • Using the licensed mark in a way not approved by the Institute, including but not limited by placing the licensed mark on merchandise without the Institute’s prior written approval;

  • Being subject to any criminal investigation or prosecution, including related to licensee’s provision of financial advisory or consultancy services;

  • Becoming subject to any voluntary or involuntary order of any governmental agency involving licensee’s provision of financial advisory or consultancy services;

  • Any sanction by any professional licensing board, including but not limited to FINRA or the SEC;

  • Asserting ownership of the licensed mark;

  • Assigning or transfers their license agreement;

  • Filing a petition in bankruptcy, is adjudicated bankrupt or insolvent, makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors, discontinues its business, or if a receiver is appointed for licensee.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Institute may decline to renew the license agreement for any licensee who, in the Institute’s sole discretion, fails to uphold ESG investing principals.


$250 initial application fee and $100 annual renewal fee. Our fees cover the costs of processing each application.